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Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists are life skills specialists. They help people increase their health through engagement in meaningful activities. Occupational therapists sometimes provide rehabilitation services, but also help people prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability. This practice often includes an adaptation of the environment, and the development of healthy habits, roles, and routines. Occupational therapists are holistic, licensed health care providers with special training in physiology, neuroscience, and social systems.


Occupational Therapy & Addiction Treatment

The primary role of occupational therapy in the treatment of substance use disorder is to help clients develop life skills. This includes daily living activities such as preparing meals, managing finances, and getting enough sleep and exercise. As clients progress in treatment, they learn higher-level skills for success in parenting, relationships, and in the workplace. Clients will develop effective emotional regulation, introception, and resiliency.

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory integration is the ability to discriminate, regulate, and modulate sensory experiences from the environment. Most people do this naturally. Things we see, hear and feel give us the necessary information to navigate the world around us. There is strong evidence to support the application of sensory integration therapy for a diagnosis of developmental disability, brain injury, mental illness, traumatic experience, and substance use disorder.

Occupational Therapy at Cornerstone Healing Center

Sensory Integration

One of the most effective ways occupational therapists provide sensory integration therapy is client participation in a sensory room. Sensory rooms offer a variety of sensory experiences through tools like weighted blankets, rocking chairs, lights, colors, and sounds. The Serenity Room at Cornerstone Healing Center uses state-of-the-art sensory equipment to create a unique therapeutic environment for healing and restoration.