Occupational Therapy in Scottsdale

Learn Greater Self-Regulation Through the Development of Healthy Habits

Occupational therapists are life skills specialists. They help people increase their health through engagement in meaningful activities. This practice often includes an adaptation of the environment, and the development of healthy habits, roles, and routines. Occupational therapists are holistic, licensed health care providers with special training in physiology, neuroscience, and social systems.  As clients progress in treatment, they learn higher-level skills for success in parenting, relationships, and in the workplace. Clients will develop effective emotional regulation, interoception, and resiliency.

What is Sensory Integration?

The things we see, hear and feel give us the necessary information to navigate the world around us. Some people have a harder time integrating that information. Some sensory information might be amplified, leading to over-reaction to sudden events. Other signals might be indistinguishable, creating feelings of confusion or danger. Sensory integration therapy uses the just-right application of calming and alerting activities to help people feel balanced and engaged with the world around them. 

Sensory integration therapy is an innovative treatment approach. There is strong evidence to support the application of sensory integration therapy for a diagnosis of developmental disability, Autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, mental illness, traumatic experience, and substance use disorder.

How does Occupational Therapy support substance use treatment?

Occupational therapists examine people’s habits and behaviors that occur each day, throughout their week. They offer insight into how their behaviors and thoughts revolve around drugs or alcohol and how their identity is lost as they lose a grip on the roles most meaningful to them. Then the therapist constructs or rebuilds those occupational roles by determining which activities bring the most joy and overall sense of well-being—without alcohol or drugs. 

Occupational therapy goes beyond helping people stop their drug use; it prepares them to fill the void that the substance leaves behind with productive occupation. Our Occupational therapists (OT’s) help people find the activities that are most meaningful to them and at just the right degree of challenge so that, as they redesign their lifestyle, they can easily tap into the things that allow them to move into a state of well-being. This is how occupational therapy really makes a significant difference in helping people learn to self-regulate and stay in long-term recovery. An emerging role of occupational therapy is to provide trauma-informed, sensory integration therapy.

Sensory Integration Therapy in Scottsdale Arizona

One of the most effective ways occupational therapists provide sensory integration therapy is client participation in a sensory room. Sensory rooms offer a variety of sensory experiences through tools like weighted blankets, rocking chairs, lights, colors, and sounds. The Serenity Room at Cornerstone Healing Center uses state-of-the-art sensory equipment to create a unique therapeutic environment for healing and restoration.     


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