Addiction is a nightmare, and we know the way out.

We have a unique approach that garners extraordinary results.

Our completion rates are 5X higher than the national average. Treatment at Cornerstone Healing Center is designed to help people heal all aspects of their lives — mind, body, and spirit. By overlapping clinical science with spirituality, we create an environment where a seemingly miraculous healing event, sufficient to overcome addiction can happen. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, welcome. We can help.

Cornerstone Healing Center is an evidence-based, long-term drug and alcohol treatment facility in Scottsdale, Arizona

About Cornerstone Healing Center and Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Cornerstone offers three main treatment programs:

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP): Men ages 18 and older only. This is intensive addiction treatment, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. The program lasts between 2 to 3 months. We also offer sober living, reserved exclusively for men in our Partial Hospitalization Program, so they can have an immersive and transformative experience.
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP): Men and women ages 18 and older. 3 days a week, 3-hour sessions. 
  • Standard Outpatient: Men and women ages 18 and older. This is 1-on-1, customized and flexible support, with a wide range of therapeutic options.

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Step 1- Call us

One of our admissions counselors will talk to you about what’s going on with you or your loved one.

Step 2 - Come in

Set an appointment to meet with our staff. Same-day appointments are available.

Step 3 - We will get you help

Even if it’s not with Cornerstone, we’ll see to it that you get you the help you need.

The staff at Cornerstone know what it’s like to be where you’re at. We are clean and sober people living free, happy lives in recovery.



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Get on the Path to Recovery Today With Cornerstone Healing Center - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale, Arizona

Everyone on staff at Cornerstone Healing Center is living a life free from active addiction. We’ve helped hundreds of people find long-term, meaningful sobriety — and we can help you, too. But you have to take the next step.

Recovery begins with a phone call. Our toll free number is 100% confidential. Even if you don’t get help with Cornerstone, we’ll help you get help somewhere.