Life-Skills Training:


Recovery is about so much more than just physical sobriety. Learning how to live life sober, no matter what comes your way is what ensures long-term addiction recovery.

Life-skills like career navigation, financial planning and a healthy work-life balance are essential for successful long-term recovery. When clients are outside of the outpatient rehab addiction treatment at Cornerstone Healing Center, they need the tools and know-how to navigate everyday responsibilities. We teach our clients the life-skills they need to thrive at work, home and everywhere in-between.

Each client who comes to our Scottsdale treatment facility is different and has unique needs. The young men in our Ready to Launch program may need life-skills like credit repair and workplace entry preparation. Those in our Professionals program may need workplace re-entry skills or techniques to balance family and work duties.

Through group life-skills coaching and individual treatment like one-on-one therapy, clients at Cornerstone Healing Center gain the knowledge they need to succeed in the real world. Our caring team of therapists and professionals helps each client map out an action plan to achieve their personal and professional goals. As clients work to overcome addiction, they also gain valuable life-skills that aid them in long-term recovery.


What Do Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clients Learn?

To avoid relapse and re-entering the cycle of addiction, clients should master life-skills that keep them focused on creating positive lives and achieving their goals. At Cornerstone Healing Center, some of the life-skills clients learn include:

  • Employment: Whether it’s getting a meaningful and fulfilling job, or going back to work after addiction treatment, steady work helps those in recovery earn a living. Clients get whatever job assistance they need. This can include resume writing, tips for dealing with human resources departments and management, techniques for job interviews, and tips for fulfilling licensure/fit for practice requirements.
  • Financial planning: Everyone has different financial goals. Some clients want to move into a place of their own. Others want to get out of debt and repair their credit scores. Anyone can use financial guidance on budgeting, saving and controlling spending. Clients learn tips on how to manage finances, set financial goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Household management: A clean and organized living space is a positive environment for recovery. Doing chores and taking care of household responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and paying bills on time are positive habits to cultivate.
  • Self-care: Recovery requires a healthy balance in all mind-body-spirit areas. Clients at Cornerstone Healing Center learn proper fitness, nutrition, hygiene, relationship building and mindfulness practices. Clients participate in regular yoga, resistance training and meditation therapy to develop healthy routines that boost their quality of life.

Each client at Cornerstone Healing Center receives a personalized treatment plan to develop the life-skills they need to succeed. Through connecting with peers and mentors in a supportive rehab environment, clients are able to practice and master those life-skills that lead to successful long-term recovery.

Get Addiction Treatment for a Loved One or Yourself

It’s our goal at Cornerstone Healing Center to set every one of our outpatient rehab clients up for success now, and throughout the rest of their lives. Learning life-skills like how to get and maintain a reliable job, how to manage finances, how to take care of household responsibilities and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is vital for recovery. Our caring and supportive staff is here for clients every step of the way.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Cornerstone’s curriculum was born out of a deep passion for the mind, body, spirit approach to long-term sobriety and wellness. By combining concepts from some of the world’s greatest teachers in multiple disciplines, we’ve woven together a proven and truly holistic strategy for long-term addiction recovery.


How we walk you through your first year of recovery:

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