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Detoxification is often the first step in addiction treatment for people who struggle with opiates, heroin, drugs or alcohol and are currently using. We work with multiple detox options locally so our clients are provided a secure, safe, and comfortable environment in an low-profile setting.

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Cornerstone's curriculum is designed to help people, broken by addiction, to heal mind, body and spirit. By treating the underlying causes of addiction and arming our clients with custom-tailored action plans and support networks we provide a well-rounded approach to promote long-term recovery.

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As our clients graduate our program, they're provided guidance on how to go about mending relationships with their family and friends. They can learn how to maintain a job or return to school and handle interpersonal relationships while using tools for maintaining permanent sobriety.


We Offer Two Different Programs For Men in Early Recovery

We understand that addiction effects many different types of people, which is why individualized treatment programs are so important to a successful recovery from addiction.


Ready To Launch Program


Anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol is at risk for stunting their emotional growth because they often hold on to behaviors that lack maturity. Actions of our addicted loved-ones, are not those of responsible adults. They appear to live according to their emotional age, not their actual age.

Cornerstone’s Ready To Launch Program is designed to guide these young men through a right-of-passage, indoctrinating them into recovery and responsible adulthood. We teach, through action, how to conduct themselves responsibly and develop an awareness of behavioral consequences - both positive and negative.

Professional’s Program

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Addiction is particularly destructive for skilled and licensed professionals because of the demands of their work life. This is particularly true for athletes, executives, attorneys, healthcare professionals, pilots and other kinds of professionals.

Our Professional’s Program is customized to the needs of each individual. Because of their training and education, professionals often have similar coping styles and require specific methods of intervention and treatment. Our Professional’s Program addresses both addiction and co-occurring mental health issues as they relate to the career challenges they’re faced with.


What sets us apart


SAMHSA studies show long term treatment facilities are more successful in achieving and maintaining sobriety than 30 day programs.  The brain and body need time to heal.


Our male only program provides a uniquely relevant focus, camraderie, and safe environment for our clients, allowing them to be more open and improving treatment.


Nutrition, fitness, purpose, and mental focus all play a vital role in recovery.  Our program is designed to strengthen and heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Addiction is a disease that affects everyone in its path.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t wait to get help.  Even if you’ve tried treatment before, it’s important to know that not all treatment programs are created equal.  

Nationally, fewer than 40% of those who seek treatment maintain their sobriety.  We founded Cornerstone Healing Center to help change those numbers and address the unique struggles that men go through in life.  

We help men 18 and older overcome addiction by focusing on the whole person.  Our goal is to equip all of our clients with the knowledge, tools, experience, and resources required to prevent relapse and maintain long term sobriety.  Although it might sound cliche, to do this we focus on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We use Yoga and Meditation to help our clients learn to focus their energy and clear their mind.  

We use various workouts including weight training and plyometrics to rebuild the body along with nutrition and diet to flush the body of toxins and provide the nutrients and vitamins to grow strong again.

While we are not affiliated with any specific religion, we do believe in the healing powers of spirituality. We want to help all of our clients discover and connect with their purpose. Experiential therapy from hiking to arts help clients find joy and purpose in life again.

It takes time for the mind and body to heal.  30 day programs barely provide enough time for the body to truly flush out the toxins, let alone give the body a chance to heal and create new habits. One’s mind, body, and spirit doesn’t just magically reset every 30 days.

Most drugs hijack the brain’s ability to process joy, which causes depression and mood swings. The brain can heal itself, but it can take years to return to normal levels and it’s natural balanced state.  It’s important that clients have the time necessary to learn, internalize, and master the methods we teach to overcome urges during that time so they can maintain their sobriety while their body heals.  


Cornerstone Healing Center was built specifically for Men...

Men and women face different social pressures in life.  It’s important to us that our clients feel safe and comfortable discussing the pressures, struggles, feelings and obstacles they’ve encountered, both privately and in group.  Sharing often helps mentally lighten the load.  This camaraderie is an important part of the healing process at Cornerstone Healing Center.

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