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Cornerstone Healing Center is an evidence based, long term addiction recovery treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona



Detoxification is often the first step in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. For people who struggle with opiates, heroin, drugs or alcohol and are currently using, detoxification helps ready the body for the work ahead. We work with multiple detox options locally so our clients are provided a secure, safe, and comfortable environment in a low-profile setting.


Cornerstone is one of the most successful Scottsdale addiction treatment programs. Our curriculum is designed to help people, broken by drug and alcohol addiction, to heal mind, body and spirit. By treating the underlying causes of addiction and arming our clients with custom-tailored action plans and support networks, we provide a well-rounded approach to promote long-term recovery.


As our recovery program clients graduate our program, they’re provided guidance on how to go about mending relationships with their family and friends. They can learn how to maintain a job or return to school and handle interpersonal relationships while using tools for maintaining permanent sobriety. After completion our rehab center is a safe haven for clients.



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Length of Stay

Cornerstone’s PHP program runs from 45-60 days, our IOP program runs for 60 days and our individual therapy, EMDR, and Navigator Program last up to 1 year. SAMHSA studies show long term treatment facilities are more successful in achieving and maintaining sobriety than 30 day programs. The brain and body need time to heal.

Men’s Program

Our male only day-program provides a uniquely relevant focus, camaraderie, and safe environment for our clients, allowing them to be more open and improving treatment. There are fewer distractions and clients feel more comfortable sharing strong emotions, memories, or thoughts that can be difficult, especially in a group setting.

Fitness & Nutrition

Exercise is one of the healthiest, most rewarding forms of stress relief you can get. Getting a mood-lifting boost of endorphins can almost immediately take the edge off. Exercise works the mind-body connection and gives you something healthy to focus on. Nutrition and fitness are a big part of our program to strengthen and heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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It’s often the loved ones that are researching Scottsdale addiction treatment centers rather than the addict themselves. Often times, alcoholics and drug addicts that need treatment are already feeling defeated before it even begins. Far too often people have little hope that treatment will do them any good, so why should they even try? 
We understand that not everyone responds well to some of the outdated recovery programs that typical Scottsdale addiction treatment centers offer. As the most reputable and preferred rehab center Phoenix residents turn to for help, we employ more options that promote deep healing and long-term recovery.
From physical training for your body, to meditation that centers your mind, we offer the addiction recovery program Phoenix and Scottsdale families trust. With a heavy focus on mindfulness and fitness, we provide diverse recovery activities daily. Our goal is to offer a solution more area residents can depend on so they can reclaim their life.

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While some people still believe that substance abuse only affects specific types of people, the truth hits much closer to home. You might be surprised to see how “normal” the people are that we treat. They range from lost young men, struggling to find their way, all the way to career-driven professionals and family men trying to hold it all together.

 An estimated 88,000 people receive a diagnosis of alcohol addiction each year and that’s not including cocaine, heroin, or crystal meth. And let’s not forget that prescription drug abuse continues to rise as well. It is a sad fact that opiate addiction is one of the leading causes of death in our country amongst our youth. Now, more than ever, people in crisis, need to find a reliable drug rehab in Scottsdale and Phoenix where they can rediscover purpose and build new lives.

Treating alcohol or substance abuse is a complicated issue, so we offer a variety of techniques creating a healing environment for the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe you must find peace within yourself, alignment with your own values and tools for dealing with your outward circumstances to achieve lasting addiction recovery.

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When you are ready to begin drug treatment, a proven track record is one of the most important factors to consider in a rehabilitation center in the Phoenix Valley and Scottsdale area. At Cornerstone, our staff knows what it’s like to be where you are and what it takes to begin a new life. By offering a diverse range of treatment options and a compassionate, experienced staff, we are confident we can help you find your path to a healthier, more meaningful life.

No matter what you struggle with, pill addiction, cocaine addiction, fentanyl, meth addiction, alcoholism, heroin or other types of opiate addiction, we make sure that you receive the dedicated care you need to succeed. There is a way out, and we want to guide you back to better health.

Call today to find out if Cornerstone Healing Center is right for you or your loved one and if there are openings. Cornerstone Healing Center is the trusted name in Scottsdale addiction recovery.

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Now, more than ever drug and alcohol addiction is taking hold in communities all over the country. People of all races, ages and social economic classes are suffering. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, then you know first-hand what a nightmare it is. The frustration, fear and heartache can be overwhelming and seem to have no end.

It may appear that these people are making bad choices. While that may be true to some extent, almost no one would willingly make life altering decisions to the detriment of themselves, their families and their future.

There is a high likelihood that you are dealing with a disease beyond your control. Though the situation is critical there is hope. Cornerstone Healing Center is very different from other treatment centers.

By overlapping science with spirituality, we create an environment where a seemingly miraculous healing event, sufficient to overcome addiction can happen in a short amount of time

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